Membership Requirements

Focusing on how one can help others rather than focusing on how the others can help oneself.

Membership Requirements

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San Tan Leads is a voluntary business organization of men and women coming together in a supportive environment to establish mutually beneficial business relationships with other business people and potential clients. San Tan Leads focuses on business education and ideas. San Tan Leads believes that the most important skill for effective business networking is focusing on how one can help others rather than focusing on how the others can help oneself.


  • Only 1 person from each professional classification is permitted to join San Tan Leads
  • All members must represent only 1 company
  • All members must represent their primary occupation.
  • Company must be in business for minimum of 1 year or have experience in the same field for more than 1 year.
  • Members may only represent products and/or services. No Business Opportunities or MLMs are to be promoted.
  • All members are expected to bring quality referrals and visitors to San Tan Leads.
  • All members are required to demonstrate support for the purpose of this organization.
  • All members are required to attend the weekly meeting. Members must arrive on time and stay for the entire meeting. If a member cannot attend a meeting, a substitute should be sent. If no substitute is sent, an absence is recorded.
  • If a member is unable to attend the meeting and no substitute is able to attend, the member is required to notify Dewayne of his or her absence no later than 5pm the day before the meeting. 3 excused absences every 6 months, puts a member’s membership in review status. Membership review status could result in termination of membership.
  • San Tan Leads Members are not allowed to join or be members of any other referral/leads group. Violations of this rule will result in termination of membership.


  • Members will provide high quality of services and products at the fees and prices agreed upon by clients/customers.
  • Members will conduct all business with honesty and integrity.
  • Members will build trust and goodwill among members and their referrals.
  • Members will take responsibility for following up with every referral received.
  • Members will display a positive and supportive attitude with San Tan Leads’ members.
  • Members will live up to the ethical standards of their profession.


As a member of San Tan Leads, I promise …

  • To attend all meetings regularly
  • To pro-actively pursue qualified referrals for members within the group.
  • To prepare my commercial ahead of time – remembering that the commercial is my time to teach other members about my business.
  • To prepare all speeches and/or presentations to the best of my ability.
  • To help the group maintain the positive, friendly environment necessary for all members to learn and grow.
  • To serve the group as an officer and/or committee chair/member when called upon to do so.
  • To treat fellow members and visitors with respect and courtesy.
  • To bring visitors to meetings so they can see the many benefits membership offers.
  • To adhere to the bylaws and rules for all San Tan Leads programs.
  • To conduct my business honestly and ethically.
San Tan Leads

San Tan Leads is a one person per industry, business leads group, founded in 2008 by Dewayne Castillo.  If you are a business that offers reputable products/services, San Tan Leads can help you grow your business.  We encourage you to contact us and schedule a time to visit us.

San Tan Leads :: Building Business One Lead at at Time!

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We enjoy San Tan Leads and all the great members! Josh Clarke and I with SMART Security just recently joined and have already seen the success and great importance of The San Tan Leads group!

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