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San Tan Leads

San Tan Leads

San Tan Leads is a one person per industry, business leads group, founded in 2008 by Dewayne Castillo.  If you are a business that offers reputable products/services, San Tan Leads can help you grow your business.  We encourage you to contact us and schedule a time to visit us.

San Tan Leads :: Building Business One Lead at at Time!

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    530 E Hunt Hwy 103-262
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    San Tan Valley
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San Tan Leads is proud to announce the launch of their new website, located at www.SanTanLeads.com. The new site, designed and developed by MyBizNow.com, features information on members and companies organized by the industry that they represent.

The Anthem at Merrill Ranch Spring Festival is a fun-filled carnival for all ages this Saturday, March 12th from 1pm-6pm! This event is meant to bring the entire community together in celebration of Spring and San Tan Leads will be there! Come out and learn about San Tan Leads, meet some of our members and enjoy a GREAT community event!

American Family InsuranceSan Tan Leads' American Family Insurance Agent, Ty Schraufnagel, is celebrating his 2 year anniversary with an Open House, this Saturday, March 5th and wants you to attend!

San Tan Leads is proud to be a sponsor of the third and final Two Sisters-One Heart Memorial Race to honor the memory of conjoined twins Emma and Taylor Bailey. The event will take place Saturday, February 26th, 2011, at Walker Butte Elementary School in Johnson Ranch/San Tan Valley.

San Tan Leads launches a new website filled with interactivity for its members! The original site was a great brochure advertisement for the group and its members.  Technology however has changed considerably in the last 2 1/2 years, since San Tan Leads started, and our members needed more.

San Tan Leads, a one business per industry business leads group, is currently looking for reputable businesses that offer products/services to residents in San Tan Valley.

How many times has it happened to you where you’ve met someone for the first time and no sooner did the handshake break with that person… and you’ve already forgotten their name?  Many of us have and that is why we brought Sean O'Neil in to speak!

San Tan LeadsSan Tan Leads, the San Tan Valley-based professional leads group, will host “Family Fun Poker Night” on September 9th, 2011 from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. at the Mallorca Ballroom at Encanterra Country Club to benefit Dustin Cote, the San Tan Valley teen who severed several fingers in a lawnmower accident on August 11th.

We are so pleased with the amazing outpouring of support from our community for the upcoming Family Fun Poker Night on September 9th 6pm-11pm at Encanterra!  We have incredible prizes to be won with our raffle and we have some GREAT prizes for our Poker Tournament winners too!

On August 11th, a 14 year old boy, lost several of his fingers in a lawnmower accident.  That boy was Dustin Cote, son of San Tan Leads member, Bruce Cote with A-1 Hand Handyman.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is San Tan Leads? +

    San Tan Leads is a voluntary business organization of men and women coming together in a supportive environment to establish mutually beneficial business relationships with other business people and potential clients. San Tan Leads focuses on business education and ideas. San Tan Leads believes that the most important skill for effective business networking is focusing on how one can help others rather than focusing on how the others can help oneself.
  • Who can join San Tan Leads? +

    San Tan Leads is looking for professionals who have the time and passion to commit to our group and to building business throughout the Greater San Tan Area.  Our basic member requirements are as follows:
    • Only 1 person from each professional classification is permitted to join
    • All members must represent only 1 company
    • Member company must represent only 1 category
    • All members must represent their primary occupation.
    • Company must be in business for minimum of 1 year or have at least 1 year experience in the industry.
    • Members may only represent products and/or services.  No Business Opportunities or MLMs are to be promoted.
    • All members whose field requires a license, must be licensed in order to join membership.  If said license expires, is not renewed or is suspended, membership will be terminated.
    • San Tan Leads Members are not allowed to join or be members of any other referral/leads group.  Violations of this rule will result in termination of membership.
    Please browse our site and meet our members.  There you will be able to see if we currently have a professional in your category or if the category is open for membership.  If you have any questions or would like to visit our group, please contact us.
  • Do you have regular meetings? +

    Yes we do. We meet every Tuesday from 7:30am - 9:00am. The first 15 minutes allows all of us to order breakfast, get situated and network a bit before we start the meeting at 7:45am.
  • Do you accept anyone who applies for membership? +

    No. Submitting an application does not mean that you will be accepted as a member of San Tan Leads. Our application asks for references and we do verify them. While you are attending a meeting as a guest and "checking us out", we are also doing the same to you. We are an upbeat group with many different personalities and together we are a winning team! We are looking to find more like-minded professionals to join our group.
  • Do I have to live in the San Tan Area in order to join San Tan Leads? +

    Absolutely not! You simply need a desire to work with businesses and residences of the Greater San Tan Area!
  • Can I come to a meeting before joining? +

    Not only can you, but you must attend a meeting before you are allowed to apply for membership. This not only allows you to get to know the members of the group, but it also allows us to get to know you. We want all members to be involved in a win-win situation when joining San Tan Leads.
  • Can anyone come to the meetings? +

    Our meeting are closed meetings, except for those individuals who are potential members. If you are interested in joining San Tan Leads, then please contact us to request than you visit us as a guest. We look forward to meeting you.
  • Are there fees to join? +

    Yes, however our dues are less expensive than any other referral or networking group out there! Our membership fees are only $150 per year (plus a $35 non-refundable application fee) - that's only $12.50 per month. What other form of advertising could you get for $12.50 a month that will work to build your business?
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Our Members & Guests Love Us!

The BEST thing I have EVER done for my business no question! Love being a part of this group of AWESOME people! If you wanna grow your biz this is right group! Yes, I sound like a paid spokesman and well...I guess I am because this group has done nothing but show me the money and I have shown them too!! lol

Dave Tetmeyer