Raymond Westover, Author

Raymond Westover is a local author who has just published his first novel - The Cause.  

About The Cause:

It’s present time and civilian Gibbs Van Zant is about to crossover to a newfound territory, the likes of which he'd never seen traveling the world--The Superstition Mountains of southwest Arizona. Filled with legends, fables and long-lost tales, a rare and horrifying creature is said to still exist within the lava formed summits. A relentless entity that most didn't know of, including the civilian hiker himself, who was about to go on an adventure he'd never forget. Keeping the mysterious and deadly beasts top secret since the 1950's, an elite and classified government agency known only as D.E.C. is responsible for killing off the enigma of man-eaters before they can spread their chaos to other regions, possibly even the world. Hoping to finally wipe the vile predators from the face of the planet, the rogue squad of unhinged soldiers use their special weaponry to battle the crawly terrors, risking their lives to exterminate each and every one of them. Able to arise from their cave dwellings when only skies turned black with desert rain, the starve driven creatures hunt down anything that roams the vast wild, desperate to fill their aching stomachs before the storm's protection would expose them back to Earth's deadly light. Soon, both civilian and soldier-squad will come face to face with the clawed nightmares as a daunting monsoon storm is about to roll in over the lava-red pinnacles. 

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