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FREE CPR & AED training


Apr 2

2024-04-02 2024-04-02 FREE CPR & AED training

During a medical emergency you may be the first, first responder.

Come visit San Tan Leads & learn CPR & AED skills, from Rural Metro Fire, that just might save a life.

What will be covered?

  • Recognizing sign and symptoms of cardiac arrest
  • Compression only CPR
  • Two-person compression CPR
  • Child and infant compression only CPR
  • AED familiarization

Venue: San Tan Valley Veterans Center -  5764 E Hunt Hwy, San Tan Valley, AZ 85132

This event is FREE to attend!



Participating Companies

San Tan Leads

San Tan Valley, Pinal County

Event Details
2 Apr 2024
07:45 AM To 09:00 AM
Doors Open
07:30 AM
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 5764 E Hunt Hwy,San Tan Valley 85132 5764 E Hunt Hwy,San Tan Valley 85132


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